KDE Isn’t That Bad – [Pt 1]

All my GNOME readers are already prematurely rolling over in their hypothetical graves (I’m looking at you, in particular, Ethan!): I just said something akin to shouting “Fire!” in a theater. My own personal Pandora’s Box.

But you see, if there’s anything I love more than senselessly arguing my side regardless of how bad I tend to be losing, I’m a “swing” user. That is, to say, that I’m one of those users that can easily be lost, and won back over in some weird game of software Tug-o’-War.

Right now, as part of the bet, I’m using KDE and GNOME about half and half – I didn’t expect to see myself wanting to use KDE. While some times things appear a little sluggish, I rarely find myself so bogged down it detracts from my work environment.

The font rendering appears a little blurry, for my tastes, but still readable. Whether it’s just because I don’t have them configured well or a package issue, I’m not sure.

The UI has been one of the most pestering little items ever though. I found finding a good KDE Icon Theme is like finding a needle in a haystack. At first I tried the by-default installed Tango icon theme, but KDE didn’t set with that too well. However, I found a more KDE-friendly packaging of Tango on KDE-Look and all was well. Still I feel like the UI is just a little too distracting: I’m hopeful that when the official Feisty art is released that I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Konqueror is also very slowly earning some affection. As you can see from the screenshot below, Opera’s no longer featured on my panel and I’m actually posting this from Konqueror. It’s a bit bulky, but bearable.

I figure this topic will be an on-going one over the next few months, so I’m going to turn it into a series of short posts with quick, concise discussion about KDE-related stuff.



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