Will There Ever Be Any Solace?

Before the transfer over to my new blog, you may recall an entry I wrote regarding trying to find a nice (and working) blogging utility for GNOME that would remove my dependency on browser-based posting (especially since I don’t use Firefox, and thus, I’d be using silly WYSIWYG editors and their ilk). At the time, the results were not pleasant – most likely due to lack of good support on Blogger 2.0’s part.
However, with a new desktop environment and a new blogging software, I figured I’d give things another go. After poking around, the only such utility for KDE I could find was a ridiculous little kicker applet called KBlogger.

Immediately, I was dismayed. The last applet-based utility I’d used (gnome-blog) turned out to be a resounding failure (again, mostly due to Blogger 2.0).

I was both right and wrong for doing so.

What I liked

KBlogger is slim and fast – two things I like in any application. When clicking the applet itself, the blogging window appears promptly and is ready to go.

I also like the quick access that having this on Kicker provides.

The configuration was simple, but took a little digging to find out the appropriate values to enter in.

What I didn’t like

While KBlogger is fast and slim, this is also partly its downfall. It has very few editing tools built-in, and simple WYSIWYG commands like ‘Ctrl+B’ don’t work as they should.

Similarly, after bolding some text with KBlogger, I found that about 10 seconds later the text would revert back to its original state! I’m not sure what bug is causing that but it’s entirely silly. It makes the application almost entirely unusable!

Another annoyance was that even with the applet configured properly, I still have to manually enter the category to which a post should be posted as the drop-down list doesn’t seem to work. Furthermore, the KBlogger Menu doesn’t appear to have any entries. I could understand this with Blogger, sure, but when I’m using a fully metaBLOG compatible software, I don’t expect flaws like this.

In the end, I’ll probably continue using KBlogger, but it has more than its fair share of bugs that need addressing. I’m hoping that when it’s ported to KDE4, the writer addresses these.

At least, that’s what I had in mind: right up until I viewed the post. The formatting was completely butchered, and I had all sorts of erroneous HTML tags littering the post. KBlogger is worse than probably both gnome-blog and blog-gtk could ever be.


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