Screenlets 0.0.7

Screenlets are small owner-drawn applications (written in Python, a very simple object-oriented programming-language) that can be described as “the virtual representation of things lying/standing around on your desk”. Sticknotes, clocks, rulers, … the possibilities are endless. The goal of the Screenlets base-class(es) is to simplify the creation of fully themeable mini-apps that each solve basic desktop-work-related needs and generally improve the usability and eye-candy of the modern Linux-desktop.
Screenlets can be used together with compiz’ widget-plugin to create a Dashboard-like feature as seen on OSX tiger.

This release:


0.0.7 (codename “Bond”):
– addded meta-attribute Screenlet.__requires__ (list with needed imports)
unused for now, but will be used in future release
– ScreenletThemes can now contain a theme.conf with _name, _version, _author
and _info meta-description. Additionally, options within the Screenlet can
be overridden through the theme.
– added Screenlet.on_realize-handler
– Screenlet.on_quit-handler is now properly called and the recommended place
for cleaning up used ressources and disconnect from external signals
– added Screenlet.on_delete-handler (called before on_quit, can be cancelled)
– moved module-loader into screenlets-module
– module “options” is now “screenlets.options”
– placed dbus-constants into screenlets-module (BACKEND_BUS,
– Screenlet’s directories now must be named like the classname, without
trailing “Screenlet” and NOT in lowercase anymore
– added Makefile offering following actions: install, clean, docs and
source_package (which creates a release-tarball)
– added for
– Screenlet.__init__ now MUST have an additonal **keyword_args-argument
as last argument (all subclasses MUST have this, too)
– added (simple) module-loader-functionality to to allow
adding screenlets from a non-library path like /usr/local/share/screenlets/
and $HOME/.screenlets
– screenlets/ is now src/lib/ (only a formal change)
– Screenlets (the .py-files) now have to be placed within the screenlet’s
personal directory
– entirely new structure of the source-package: The base-classes now need to
be installed (using “ install”) to work but can be launched
from anywhere in the system (and be packaged)
– created
– added screenletsd-shellscript to package (thanks, raptros-v76 πŸ™‚ …)
– “took over” and included CalendarScreenlet (thanks, robgig1088 πŸ™‚ ..)
– applied Sorcerer’s show_date-path (adds show_date option to Clock)
(thanks, Sorcerer πŸ™‚ …)
– renamed dbus path/object/iface all to “org.freedesktop.Screenlets”
– fixed directory-problem on first run and added some checks
– removed options.load_objects_from_file
– removed options.save_objects_to_file

Can be downloaded from here.

Screenshot of 0.0.7 in action:

Finally, given the popularity of this project and the contributions RYX is making to the community with Screenlets, I’m going to be freely mirroring his source packages here. =)


2 Responses to “Screenlets 0.0.7”

  1. 1 joe February 13, 2007 at 10:49 am

    what is the license for this ?

  2. 2 Will Farrington February 14, 2007 at 7:49 pm

    I’m not entirely 100% sure, but I assume it is either GPL or MIT X11.

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