A Brief Screenshot an Update and News

Below is a brief screenshot of a theme kindly passed along to me by Cimi (Thanks again! =D) after I was quite impressed with his own screenshot on ubuntuforums.

Another Desktop

As you can see in the background, I’ve been plugging away at a _complete_ rewrite of my Music plugin for XChat. I’ve split it into individual plugins based on applications for performance reasons. I’ve also ditched the CLI flag approach for a bit of a more-refined method: I’ve switched the ENTIRE thing over to DBUS. Right now, I’m only working on the Banshee plugin, but once it’s finished (just a few minor fixes related to the ratings), I’ll work on the Rhythmbox one (with Amarok and others coming down the line at a later date). While it performs much the same task, you will notice a dramatic speed increase as compared to the older version. Also, I’ve done a lot of work in terms of commenting the actual code and making it easy to read. Overall, the final products should be great.

My final matter for this post is… I have just been accepted to the Ubuntuforums Beginners Team. I’m very excited as though I’ve essentially been performing the same function of smoothing over the transition for users I’ve converted, I now have the opportunity for a larger audience. =)


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