Random Notes for the Day #1

In the past, I’ve had several instances where I’ve had posts filled with short snippets or updates concerning several items at once. These posts will now have their own set of titles for the sake of easiness.

I updated the Compiz Documentation for Ubuntu a little bit (concerning Feisty Fawn). It should be a bit more accurate now.

After Googling around a bit, I managed to fix uTorrent in Wine. It seems that sometimes the resume and settings info can cause uTorrent to not appear regardless of how many times you tell it to show itself. Deleting the ‘settings.dat’ and ‘resume.dat’ files and their respective backups from ‘~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/USER/Application Data/uTorrent/’ did the trick.

My XChat-Banshee script hasn’t seen much attention this week. I’ll look to it again soon-ish.

I found out I was unwittingly put on display over at Arturo Monterrosso’s blog. He’s pretty much awesome – done a lot of work in terms of Compiz Documentation and Wiki management.

A bit of talk has been flying around the Banshee Mailing List regarding Google’s Summer of Code. Apparently Aaron B. is going to try and get Banshee it’s own little bit of GSoC outside of both Mono and GNOME GSoCs. Some very great ideas are just dying to be capitalized upon. I’m quite excited as I think the 0.13.x branch will bring a lot of great changes.

The Ubuntuforums Beginners’ Team has been starting to get up and running. Right now it’s a lot of brainstorming on most everyones’ parts, but in the end, I’m confident we’ll end up with a very organized and handy system to help the transition of new users to Ubuntu a lot smoother.

And finally, a screenshot. Enjoy!
Desktop Screenshot - March 9 2007


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