Writely for School Too?

In a not-so surprising turn of events, I, needing to type up an outline for my next chapter in AP US History, decided that I’d give Writely a shot there too.

Being a basic outline, it wasn’t that difficult. Compared to Wyneken (the application I usually reserve for note-taking), while I do enjoy the WYSIWYG interface, I think that Writely could be more intuitive with the way it does lists/outlines.

Generally, it would simply use traditional numbering, even when one told the application to go to a sub-level. As such, I had to manually set the list type for every sub-level of every level. This was, naturally, tedious and unneeded, but, not so annoying as to ditch Writely altogether.

In the end, while it has a few minor drawbacks, I think it’s a worthy asset that I’ll continue to use more and more in the future due to its quality and its portability, thereby making my poor old flash drive almost worthless.


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