Foresight — Day 1

Here’s what I’ve got to say after day number one:

  • I love conary. The package management is just ace. While I’ve always preferred DPKG and APT to RPM, I think conary is right on the same level as APT et al. It’s intuitive and fast. It actually reminds me more of a true revision control system a la git as opposed to a simple package manager.
  • While I’m kind of wary about all the non-free stuff installed by default, I do appreciate the attempt to reach out to new users. Of course, I normally install those anyway – I just don’t want to see Foresight deal with legal trouble in the future. πŸ˜€
  • The default application layout is just to my tastes: Epiphany, Banshee, Liferea, Xchat, Glipper, Compiz… It’s a nice set. Good job.
  • The default artwork is just phenomenal. The artwork is one of my biggest complaints about Ubuntu; it’s not the fact that they use brown, but that they don’t go out of their way to make brown look good that bugs me. While I’m definitely more of a blue guy than a green guy, I’ve somehow found myself using the default theme all the same. It’s quite enchanting. πŸ™‚
  • This is the first distro using Anaconda that didn’t require me to use the text-based installer instead. While it did opt for the rather ‘meh’ vesa driver (resulting in a blurry display), it did work, so I have to give credit where credit is due. πŸ˜‰
  • The developers and other fellows in IRC were by leagues the most helpful and kind of any similar group I’ve found at any other distro. Nothing quite like that “small town charm”.

So, that’s day number one with Foresight Linux.


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