Joe Shaw Nails a Grand Slam

Thank you Mr. Joe Shaw.

You have finally said the same thing that others and myself have been saying for a very long time. And me? I couldn’t be more appreciative. 🙂

The mentality by many Tracker fans only reflects the same personality and attitude that its lead developer, Jamie McCracken, has shown time and time again. Sadly, rather than a positive, helpful, and mature mentality, we as forum posters or blog lovers or “whatever-you-will”s are subject to the endless rants of some short-sighted individuals who are more concerned about simply impugning ever project that could possibly ever compete with them rather than actually celebrating the pros of their application.

This sort of thinking is exactly what’s wrong with open-source, and for must of us (myself included), we are guilty of it at one point or another in our OSS career.

Let’s take a look at a rather popular matter in OSS news these days: the Beryl-Compiz merger. On both sides, there are some rather … determined people who spent hours and hours of posts focusing on the “failures” of the other application. In some cases, I was that sort of person, much to my own chagrin (I’d like to apologize too while I am at it). Rather than simply focusing on the realities of the applications at hand (that would be to say that Compiz has an amazing core and the Beryl community wrote and maintained some great plugins and noob-friendly configurators), many people on both sides spent far too much time typing hateful and rude posts only focusing on the short-comings of the applications in question (“Compiz and David are elitist!” vs. “Beryl is useless and the developers are noobs” – the Ultimate Waste of Time).

Here, we have two very successful open source projects’ members and developers cat-fighting … for what? Fame? Bragging rights?

This is the kind of thing I expect in the proprietary software world: a holier-than-thou attitude spent all on telling everyone else that Product X sucks so they should buy your Product Y.

We shouldn’t let our egos be our downfall in the open source world.

What Jamie and Tracker fans are doing is the exact same thing, whereas Joe Shaw has, for the entire existence of Tracker, been more than honest in admitting not only Beagle’s faults but where Tracker is better.

So why can’t we all do the same? After all, swallowing a little humility once in a while is a lot better than fretting over some bruised pride.


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