My Wishlist

When most people type up wishlists, they’re usually thinking about Christmas (or Hanukkah  or whatever-you-will). Of course, these tend to be lists of things they would like to receive.

This is my wishlist: and it’s a bit different. The list below is a list of things I am going to task myself with doing for Banshee. Of course, since I’m only just beginning to learn C#, these aren’t going to be something that pop up in the next month. They’ll be a long time in doing. However, as the thought goes, “If you don’t like it – fix it!”. With that sort of mentality, here are the features/plugins for Banshee that I’m wishing myself to implement at one point or another:

  1. Support for more tags in TagLib – Composer, Disk Number, etc.
  2. A thorough Last.FM plugin that also enables all the radio features seen in Last-Exit and Amarok.
  3. A plugin that implements a system for Auto-Rating tracks. It should be intelligent enough to rate tracks based on information included in Banshee’s database, but also not to change the user’s specified ratings for a song.
  4. A specific DBUS signal that would trigger whenever a song begins to play in Banshee, which would, for example, allow a Banshee plugin for Gaim to be created.
  5. A smarter utilization of the library – ability to organize music that’s already imported into the library, automatically remove dead entries from the library, auto-scan new media (inotify?)

Of course, if any of you want to get the jump on me and do any of these, you are certainly more than welcome to and I’ll be more than happy to cheer you on from the sidelines. 😉


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