Write on the Walls! … and the Ceiling … and hell, just Scribble!

For those of you who aren’t always up-to-date on those wonderful up-and-comers in the world of software, you should be ashamed because you are missing out on some great stuff. Really. Get out and live a little!

One of those Great-Projects-You’ve-Never-Heard-Of is developed by an Interweb buddy of mine by the name of Nathan Weizenbaum: it’s called Scribble!

When he first wrote about Scribble!, I was immediately excited. While of course it’s a fairly neat sandbox for playing with Ruby and Cairo rendering, the best application of Scribble! is the one in the classroom. No – not drawing on the walls! Scribble has the potential to be a ridiculously good teaching aid for students with a little knowledge about Ruby’s syntax. Like Nathan noted in his post, Scribble! is to graphics what Hackety Hack is to general application writing.

Of course, with the project still in its immediate infancy, Nathan (as well as Jon Leighton, who is the only other consistent hacker for the project at the moment) is a bit busy working on the actual back-end of the application as opposed to writing Joe Sixpack-friendly walkthroughs to explain things like “How to use a method: for Dummies”.

Scribble! for Dummies!

Still, Scribble! is an exciting project written in possibly the coolest language ever (if you have to ask what the language is, don’t bother leaving a comment :P). The only thing it could really use at this point is more developers – the rest will come in due time. 🙂

Speaking of Scribble! development, I finally got my hands muddy today with a patch to implement GTK Source View highlighting and a few other things in the text display, which should make its way into SVN in the next 24 hours or so:

_TWO_ images in the same post?! Madness!

If you’re interested in developing, or even just playing around, you can checkout trunk from the subversion repository here:

svn co svn://hamptoncatlin.com/scribble/trunk scribble

Keep in mind that you’ll need the Ruby-Cairo and Ruby-GNOME2 and Ruby-GTK stuff to run it.

The google group can be found here.



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