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With Net Censorship on

With net censorship on the rise, it is the responsibility and the privilege of those we can speak to speak for those who are repressed.

That said, I encourage each and every one of you who value your ability to spread information and have privacy and freedom on the Internet please visit (a sub-site of Amnesty International) and add your name to the list of those who refuse to let their freedoms be systematically robbed from them.


Gustav Holst is Pretty Much My Hero

Ever now and again I have these bursts where I have an extreme affinity for either a particular composer or piece.

Currently, the lucky piece (and man!) is Gustav Holst’s “Second Suite in F”. I just love it – most especially the second movement. 😀

Testing 1, 2, 3…

Let’s see if this works.

Latest Desktop

Here’s a quick few screens of my latest desktop:

another screenshot

some more screenshots

Site Update

I’ve ditched a lot of the AJAX stuff for performance reasons.

Site should be much faster now.

Writely for School Too?

In a not-so surprising turn of events, I, needing to type up an outline for my next chapter in AP US History, decided that I’d give Writely a shot there too.

Being a basic outline, it wasn’t that difficult. Compared to Wyneken (the application I usually reserve for note-taking), while I do enjoy the WYSIWYG interface, I think that Writely could be more intuitive with the way it does lists/outlines.

Generally, it would simply use traditional numbering, even when one told the application to go to a sub-level. As such, I had to manually set the list type for every sub-level of every level. This was, naturally, tedious and unneeded, but, not so annoying as to ditch Writely altogether.

In the end, while it has a few minor drawbacks, I think it’s a worthy asset that I’ll continue to use more and more in the future due to its quality and its portability, thereby making my poor old flash drive almost worthless.

A true Vista experience

Someone pointed this out to me on Ubuntuforums.

Check the circled portion on the screenshot:

“Great for… Booting the Operating System, without running applications or games.” What a great experience that is! XD